Lord Ayyappa is considered as one of the famous deity worshipped in Kerala. In recent times, not only in Kerala, devotees from all around world started building temples and worshipping Ayyappa. The fact is that, Ayyappa is believed to be the one god who protects his devotees from miseries and suffering in "Kali Yuga". Ayyappa is also known as Dharmasasta, Manikandan, Bhutanathan, Pandala Raja, and PambaVaasan. Ayyappa is worshipped in many forms in different temples, worshipped as a child at Kulathupuzha,

Loving Memory
Late P.K. Gopinathan Nair, Athrasseril
Past President who put this temple on the path of Greatness and glory leaving everlasting footprints on the history of this Temple.