Lord Ayyappa is considered as one of the famous deity worshipped in Kerala. In recent times, not only in Kerala, devotees from all around world started building temples and worshipping Ayyappa. The fact is that, Ayyappa is believed to be the one god who protects his devotees from miseries and suffering in "Kali Yuga". Ayyappa is also known as Dharmasasta, Manikandan, Bhutanathan, Pandala Raja, and Pamba Vaasan. Ayyappa is worshipped in many forms in different temples, worshipped as a child at Kulathupuzha, worshipped with his consorts Pushpaka and Poorna in Achankovil and meditating form in sabarimala. Ayyappa was born with composite energy of Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu, when Lord Vishnu was taken over mohini form. Lord Vishnu gifted a bejeweled bell necklace to the new born Ayyappa and thus, known as "Manikandan".

Sree Dharma Sastha temple is situated in Muvattupuzha taluk of ernakulam district. Situated near the banks of Muvattupuzha River, Dharma sastha showers blessings to his humble devotees.

No documents are available to prove, how much ancient is this Dharma Sastha temple. According to the astrological findings, the temple grounds were once belonged to a group of Brahmins. They worshipped Devi and Naaga Deva, whose holy presence was determined astrologically. Later on, the place came in to the hands of Shri Narapillai Mangalathu.

Shri Narayanapillai was a keen devotee of Lord Ayyappa, whom he visited every year by Sabarimala pilgrimage. But as years passed, due to age related disabilities he became unable to do pilgrimage, which caused him mental suffering. But one night Shri Dharma Sastha came in his dream and told him to make a place to worship Dharma sastha near his house and promised his divine presence there. So Shri Narayanapillai built a small temple for Dharma Sastha there and began worshipping. His successors followed his path and made an idol for Dharma Sastha, which is still used.

As years passed, difficulties came up in doing daily pooja and worship in the temple, which resulted, blurring in the divine presence of Lord Ayyappa. His devotees started to suffer on this matter, made them to decide rebuilding the temple.

In 1997, on discussion with the successors of Shri Narayanapillai, some of the devotees formed a temple trust under the leadership of Shri Gopinathan Nair Athrasseril.

Shri Gopinathan Nair along with the temple trust members started rebuilding the temple, with the help of funding from the native devotees. They made the temple to the state we see now, through step-by –step developments.