How to perform Darshan in the temple ????

Enter the temple through the front door, first pay respect to Sastha, and perform the desired offerings. Then visit Maalikppuram,Siva,and Vigneshwaran.After worshipping them , get out through the north exit and visit Durga,Bhadra Kaali , Naaga Yakshi and Gandaravan who all are placed on top-side of the temple. Then visit Rakshassu ,Naagadeva on the back-side of the temple.. Pray in front of the temple once before you leave.

Temple Customs

  • Do not commit any offering which is unable to do.
  • Never go to temple bare handed, as a symbol of respect can submit camphor or oil for lamps etc. single flower or a garland is equally favorite for Sastha.
  • Babies below 5-6 months are not allowed inside the temple before their "Choroonu".
  • Foot wares are not allowed inside temple.
  • Do not enter temple wearing shirt, lungi, banyan, hat etc. Remove your shirt, place it somewhere else or hang it in hand, before entering the temple.
  • Women with loosened hair are not allowed inside the temple.
  • Do not enter temple without a bathe, or with untidy dress, or after eating non vegetarian food, or drinking.
  • Newly married couple do not enter temple on the same day of their marriage.
  • People having "Pula","Valaaima" are not allowed inside the temple.
  • Women are not allowed inside the temple for seven days of their periods and pregnant women are not allowed inside the temple before 90 days from the delivery date.
  • Men should stand in front of the idol for at least 15 seconds and women at least 30 seconds.
  • Those who enter the temple with small children should leave the temple as early as possible and make sure that children did not do anything which causes untidiness to the temple premises.
  • Worshipping by standing directly in front of the idol is to be should stand on either right or left side of the idol, almost in a slanting posture of about 30 degrees. Divine rays emitted from the "Sree Kovil " are not in straight line.
  • Sashtanka(entire body) Namaskaram are not allowed for women.
  • Smoking, use of tobacco, spitting, or excretory substances are not allowed to fall inside temple premises.
  • Flowers which are fallen down, or not bloomed, or infected, or hairy, or smelled, are not allowed inside the temple.
  • Substances like sandal cream, holy water, lamp, smoke denote five elements ("Pancha Bhoothangal") are to be accepted. Sandal cream should be worn only after leaving the temple. Two-three drops of holy water can be taken in and rest can be applied on head. Flowers can be worn in the hair.
  • Never go around the "Sree Kovil" during the time of "Abhishekam".
  • Unwanted entry or spending lot of time inside the temple is not allowed. Silence must be maintained inside the temple. Personal or social discussions are not allowed inside the temple.
  • People should wait for the priest for "prasadam" until it is distributed.
  • Make way for the priest along the passage from "Sree Kovil" and "Thidappilly".
  • Offerings for the priest should be directly handed over to him with respect.
  • Do not touch the lamps lightened in front of Sastha for "Sani Dhosha Pariharam".
  • Praying should be done in a way that the hand should be in the shape of lotus, and should place close to the chest, eyes to be closed, mind should be clear, and worship the whole idol in mind by chanting any mantra.
  • Do not pay in front of a closed "Sree Kovil" or during the time of "Nivedyam".
  • Holy water from the drainage from the "Sree Kovil " is not supposed to be taken, always get the holy water from the priest himself.