Navagruha Temples - In Hindu's Astrology, it is strongly believed that the nine planets (navagarahams) play an important role in a man's fate and all these nine planets were known Navagruhas.

In Astrology each planet is represented by certain energy in the form of an iconic quality. It is also strongly believed that worshipping these Navagruhas will benefit the people who suffered by Doshams like puthra dosham, sani dashai etc.

According Hindu religion, it was trusted that these planets (navagrahas) were in-charge for punishing or giving judgements for those did sins in their "poorva jenmams". Also if you done any good deeds in your "poorva jenmam", these planets will gives us luxuries in our life. So worshipping these Navagruhas regularly will reduce its effects on us.

Being a non-profit; non-commercial and completely a social organization, Sri Dharma Sastha Temple is seeking your generous support for the purpose of temple construction and anadanam. There are many ways you can support our spiritual efforts. Any sizes of donations are welcome and will be highly appreciated. We assure that all donated funds will be utilized strictly for the noble cause.

A new mandapam for Navagruha is under construction in our temple. We accept donations from all generous people which will be used for the construction of the temple. People who would like to give donations please use the temple bank account number given in contacts or contact temple office.